DNA material evidence
300S MINI material evidence discovery instrument

Crime Buster (Corbett) 300s MINI material evidence discovery instrument

It is imported with original packaging from Britain with the EU CE certification. It is equipped with long wave ultraviolet source, blue light source and pure white light source. It can quickly find bloodstain, seminal stain, sweat stain, urine trace, exuvium, hair and other biological materials and fiber material evidence. It can also directly show the fingerprints of partial objects and search for potential traces. It uses fiber, indene /DFO and rhodamine to deal with fluorescent staining without preheating. It can be used once it is opened. It is equipped with high quality Schott anti-glare fluorescence observation goggles and camera filters. The with red, blue, and green contrast enhancement filters are installed in pure white light, which can effectively increase the material evidence and background color contrast and detect rapidly latent bloodstain and other material evidence. It has AC-DC dual purposes and fastener type power for patented design. It is easy to carry and is very good equipment for single pawn. 

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