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Internet hospital is expected to fall into the era of big data Hefei medical

"Mumbo-jumbo records" has become history, the electronic medical record traces can be traced back; "the Internet hospital" is expected to fall to the ground; telemedicine will become the norm; intelligent voice into the medical field...... Yesterday, Hefei city issued "Hefei" 13th Five-Year "health information development plan", Hefei health entered the era of big data.

Traceability of electronic medical records

According to the plan, Hefei will be in the city public health management center, planning new city health information center, the construction of the city's health big data centers and regional medical data demonstration center, data exchange center and security management center. Taking the city health information center as the center, the paper realizes a horizontal network of medical and health units, vertical to the village clinics and community health service stations.

In addition, also will build a regional health information platform in Hefei City, the city's medical and health institutions, data interoperability and cross industry, cross domain information resources sharing, interaction with the province county two level health information platform data. Health records, electronic medical records, the future, health will enter the era of data.

According to the plan, Hefei is accelerating the construction of municipal health database. To promote the construction of the full population information database, to achieve early warning and monitoring of demographic information and dynamic management; promote the construction of database of electronic health records, and constantly improve the public health and basic medical and health service application level; promote the construction of electronic medical records database, realize residents basic health information and check the test results and other medical institutions, mutual recognition and sharing of information update.

"Mumbo-jumbo" single records will become history, all the traces can be traced back to achieve single record. According to the plan, Hefei will achieve credible medical digital identity, electronic authentication, electronic license data access control, and actively promote the application of electronic signature, to promote health care management new mode of service management, diagnosis and treatment of data traces can be traced back to the safe operation, collaborative participation.

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