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Jiangxi set up a number of district city procuratorate electronic data studio or laboratory

Bribery transfer records, bank funds and other key clues to solve the clues are often hidden in the phone, computer or storage medium, these important data once deleted, how to recover, extract? In April 23rd, the reporter learned from the provincial people's Procuratorate, the provincial procuratorate to promote electronic data fusion technology and law enforcement depth, based on electronic data extraction, fixation, inspection and identification for the case breakthrough, evidence review with electronic eye sensitive .

According to reports, the Nanchang municipal procuratorate at the end of 2014, the province built the first municipal procuratorate in electronic data laboratory, and in May 2015 the Supreme People's Procuratorate electronic access data cloud platform, provide analysis, electronic data acquisition of distributed forensic analysis, password cracking, electronic data sharing, Internet access and other technical services to actively assist the evidence for relevant departments. Such as, together in the process involving more than 200 yuan bribery case, Yuanmou suspects of anti detection awareness is strong, before the incident has been involved in the electronic data deleted, do not cooperate with the investigation work of procuratorial organs. Handling department submitted 2 mobile phones and 2 laptop computers, requiring recovery, extraction of relevant electronic data. Nanchang city procuratorate electronic data and technical personnel based on being familiar with the case, after careful analysis and extraction, the success in Yuanmou a laptop computer and mobile phone, the recovery of the prosecution did not grasp his girlfriend Yuanmou Yuanmou and information, and frequent contact telephone number. Handling department as a breakthrough, from a girlfriend and Yuan Yuan Yuan contact with a number of valuable clues to the case, the case is under further investigation.

According to reports, as of March this year, Nanchang, Shangrao, Yichun, Yingtan and other city procuratorate has built electronic data studio or laboratory, Ganzhou, Xinyu, Jingdezhen and other cities have begun to build the procuratorate. The hospital has not completed the electronic data requirements of the municipal procuratorate, studio South iron branch and strive to be completed this year, not access zuigaojian electronic data cloud platform of the city branch and conditional grassroots procuratorate years to implement the access platform, has access to full use of the platform resources.

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