Technical information
Electronic Data Studio

In April 24th, the reporter learned from the provincial Procuratorate, the province's procuratorial system is working to promote the integration of electronic data technology and law enforcement depth, based on electronic data extraction, fixation, inspection and identification of electronic eye case breakthrough, with sensitive evidence review .

Our province built the first electronic data laboratory in May last year, Nanchang Municipal People's Procuratorate, the Supreme People's Procuratorate electronic access data cloud platform, provide analysis, electronic data acquisition of distributed forensic analysis, password cracking technical service for relevant departments actively, uploaded cloud platform electronic data case 10, call records, import mail list data a total of 2995, WeChat records, QQ chat records a total of 27632 data, provide key clues for the investigation of cases.

At present, the province's procuratorial organs technical departments to accept technical evidence review 2094, issued a certificate of material in 3004 copies, of which electronic evidence of 86. The provincial people's Procuratorate, uncompleted Electronic Data Studio the municipal procuratorate and South Branch iron and strive to be completed this year, not access zuigaojian electronic data cloud platform of the city branch and conditional grassroots procuratorate years to implement the access platform, has access to fully with the help of the platform service handling.

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