Technical information
Zhenping county public security bureau relying on the cornerstone of action information collection work and build a strong foundation

Zhenping county public security bureau collected information work and build a strong foundation on action. Strengthen information collection training, enhance the ability to collect. Public security battalion to carry out information collection training to the community police, through centralized, attendant training, focus on solving the problem of community police don't know what, how to collect collection etc.. Acquisition equipment acquisition. Actively invest in the purchase of computers, cameras, 4G mobile terminals, scanners and other information gathering equipment and is equipped with the police station and police room, the information collection work to strengthen the hardware conditions. Strict quality control, improve the responsibility mechanism. In the process of collecting information, community police according to various information collection standards, timely, comprehensive and accurate collection of all kinds of information, the essential information is accurate, complete, and strive to achieve the information should be adopted to make mining. Flexible and diverse collection methods. Expand the scope of information collection, extensive collection of information resources to obtain the social sector, rich types of information for the service of public security to provide relevant query.

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