Technical information
Before August 20th the pagoda has a population information collection

In order to further promote the construction of three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, from February 20th to August 20th, the Public Security Bureau will conduct a six-month rental housing and population information collection campaign activities are, in order to achieve a comprehensive promote the area of actual population management to a new level.

In February 20th, the China Daily reporter from the public security bureau held a rental housing and floating population information acquisition campaign mobilization meeting was informed that, in order to further promote the construction of a population information acquisition platform, the acquisition will mobilize and organize all the police station (not including the security police), dynamic collection, classification management in the area of actual population information for the starting point, continue to consolidate the "house" of the population management, comprehensive extraction and actual population in the various types of data, for the construction of the area has laid a solid foundation for population management system. It is understood that the acquisition time is from February 20th to August 20th, requires a comprehensive collection of registered permanent residence population and floating population, such as the actual population information and rental housing information.

Yanan municipal public security bureau Party committee, bureau Party Secretary Dang Yanwen said that this work is the need of social security management, is also the need of the masses of personal and property safety, in the process of work may bring some inconvenience, hope you can understand and actively cooperate with and support the acquisition of public security organs work.

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