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Linhe District Public Security Bureau information collection based on the first day of the battle to achieve a major outcome

Recently, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Linhe District, since the basic information collection hundred days battle carried out, the bureau to mobilize all police to strengthen the foundation of information collecting and recording work, the formation of the whole collection, all the police police police entry, application, sharing the information of all the police public security foundation work.

It is reported that, in order to strengthen the comprehensive information collection work, Linhe District Public Security Bureau set up to the Secretary for the hundred days of work leading group leader based information acquisition, and held a meeting to promote research, formulated and issued the "Hundred Days Battle activity plan" Linhe District Public Security Bureau of basic information collection, clear requirements of the "boss" personally, "according to the police, the police arrested" who organized and who who who is responsible for the collection, entry, "requirements, fully implement the acquisition, maintenance, supervision and inspection responsibilities, ensure that all basic information is complete and accurate, vivid, to ensure the effectiveness of the battle activities.

This year, the Bureau actively raise funds to complete the four level network communication security and Gigabit upgrading projects, and comprehensively promote the construction of the PGIS police geographic information platform, and completed the standard address database and spatial data annotation, into the work, and lay a solid foundation for the complete information collection work. Up to now, Linhe District Public Security Bureau in the collection of information on the 100th anniversary of the campaign to collect information on various types of input data of more than 25 articles, achieved a phased victory. Next, the Bureau will work closely with the "Internet plus" strategy, to further promote the information acquisition and application work, to further improve the work system, the formation of long-term mechanism to serve the masses, combat service and laid a solid foundation.

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