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NEWTECH SHENZHEN CO.,LTD is headquartered in Shenzhen. The company is committed to introducing international pointed end criminal technique products since its establishment. As an advocator of criminal science frontier technology, our goal is to introduce and absorb foreign advanced technology and provide more sophisticated products more efficient service for the vast number of criminal technical personnel throughout the country.

Our company is currently the exclusive authorized dealer and after-sales service provider of the UK SUPER GUARD (Thorpe) Company in the Greater China region. The company will continue to introduce Crime Buster (Corbett) series material evidence discovery instrument, Crime Buster (Corbett) series laser material evidence discovery instrument, SPC series 502 fuming cabinet, SPC series indene fuming cabinet, SPC series 502 vacuum fuming cabinet, SPC series vacuum 502 coating film fumigation cabinet, SPF series fingerprint nondestructive fast display system, SPZ series fingerprint inspection equipment and other products. These products will be introduced to China in succession. At the same time, the new element will launch its own brand NEWTECH series criminal technology products.

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